Anna Hardwick is just plain impressive as Natalie, going from perky authority to lost sensuality to deep despair in very little time.
— Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star
… Anna Hardwick delivers [a] lusty, richly nuanced performance.
— Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine
Authentically and sympathetically delineated…a pleasure to sit back and watch… the dynamics between the two are riveting… the two talented actors mined Owen’s writing for all its political worth.
— Kamal Al-Solaylee, The Globe and Mail

A Woman Is a Secret

The acting from this company is very fine... The woman causing this schism is Blanche, the French waitress, played with languid insouciance by Anna Hardwick...It’s quite a coup for the three indie companies who produced this world premiere of A Woman Is A Secret. That they are so well produced and acted is a bonus.
— Lynn Slotkin

"This production [is] an opportunity to showcase a whack of very talented actors. Anna Hardwick [is one of two] actors who play double roles, and they both do it so beautifully it would be interesting to know how many people noticed, since they were both able to present completely different characters and weren’t recognizable at all."

Mooney on Theatre


"The most engaging of the evening... the man [Anand Rajaram] and the woman [Anna Hardwick] are equally whimsical."

Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

A triumph for indie theatre. This team of established and emerging creators turn A Woman is a Secret into a charming show and an achievement for the indie theatre scene in Toronto.
—  Caroline Maga, Toronto Star

"Amongst many fine performances, a few that stand out are Rip Jaw founder Anna Hardwick as the outrageous titular waitress in the opening short play French Waitress."

Post City

A magical, memorable night of theatre... The night’s first half is particularly strong, beginning with a piece about a bickering couple (Noah Reid and Karen Knox) whose encounter with a rude French server (Anna Hardwick) sheds light on their relationship.
— Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine
The most effective scene in the show... French Waitress, with a dining couple... who are respectively annoyed and bemused by their languid server (Hardwick), took some interesting twists.
— Torontoist


Where’s My Money?

…Hardwick and Doucet are superb picking away at each other’s wounds.
— Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“Scorching performances from a talented cast… Anna Hardwick is just plain impressive as Natalie, going from perky authority to lost sensuality to deep despair in very little time…”

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star


Risky performances — including Anna Hardwick’s lovely nurse Joan complement Ruhl’s sardonic script. A rare (Canadian) opportunity to see a Ruhl play done right
— Eye Weekly
an impressive cast expertly bring out the laughs while understanding the pain beneath the humour.
— Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Melancholy Play


Abigail’s Party

… testament to the fabulous acting abilities of Anna Hardwick
— Mooney On Theatre
…indelible performances
— Scene Changes